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Our Story 


Hello! I'm Michael Omotosho, founder, inventor and designer of Plugull.

Plugull is a product for everyone who struggles with pulling out stiff and fiddly plugs from sockets due to weak hands, sweaty palms, and long nails, with special consideration for arthritis and loss of dexterity sufferers.

Having always had difficulty pulling out my phone charger from wall sockets and extension cables and, in the process damaging them, I set about thinking of a way that this could be done with ease. As I continued researching and developing the idea, I remembered my grandma, who suffers from arthritis, mentioning her difficulty in pulling out plugs from wall sockets.

With this, I began to see how it would be especially useful to everyone like me and inclusive for arthritis sufferers and those with loss of dexterity. For these users, it would be more than just an item of convenience but one of necessity.

I felt more inspired to fix problems around me and make a social impact where I could. I also wanted to put forward purposeful solutions and products out there that I wanted to see for myself. We can sometimes be content with managing our problems rather than tackling them head-on and engaging in actual problem-solving. This is what the idea behind my designs are based on.


My designs are influenced by my passion for seeing solutions to everyday problems being realised. I am always thinking about ways things could be improved or products that could be made to make everyday processes easier.

This thinking is what birthed my product, Plugull.

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